The Army Shenanigans Story

- Military Apparel with a Purpose -

- Who We Are -

ArmyShenanigans is a veteran owned and operated company. We create our own designs that play on military and law enforcement humor. Our goal is to help Army Reserve, National Guard, Active Duty Army, and local Police raise funding for Family Readiness Groups (FRG) or any just and charitable cause that may arise.

Let’s face it, the military and other government affiliated company make it super difficult to raise funds and stay within the legal realm. Many government entities, like are Army Reserves for example, can not solicit funds to build up FRG funding for their soldier’s families. They are also unable to raise funds for a just or charitable cause. ArmyShenanigans comes in by literally skipping the solicitation mumbo jumbo and legal jargon. There is no reason to solicit because we are literally donating funds to your specific cause. We’ll even send you documentation of donation and keep you in the loop with how much money you have raised. We’ll also ask you got the correct memo’s and documentation to ensure that your unit stays compliant with legal or organizational requirements.

Each customer of ArmyShenanigans will have the ability to donate funds to the cause of their choice or to a participating FRG. A percentage of your specific unit’s purchases will also go into funding your cause or FRG. You will be able to donate or raise money for doing things that you would normally already be doing.